Introductory Post – EMINENT 2019


Notable excerpt from @PaulNicklen About Me

“Paul Nicklen is equally recognized by the conservation community for his outspoken work, and has been awarded the Natural Resources Defense Council BioGems Visionary Award. Most recently, Nicklen was bestowed an honorary PhD at the University of Victoria, for the impact his photography has had on climate change.

In addition to being one of the world’s most acclaimed nature photographers, Nicklen is a sought-after speaker, a TED Talks legend, an author, and National Geographic Fellow. In the past two decades, Paul has collaborated with scientists, filmmakers, conservationists and explorers to create awareness and inspire action for global issues like climate change.

As a co-founder of the non-profit, SeaLegacy, Paul Nicklen is opening a fresh, progressive chapter in the story of ocean conservation. Through visual storytelling, Sea Legacy inspires millions of people to stand up and have a voice for the pristine places threatened by climate change.” 


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Specific aspects that interest me  about this notable is how well recognized and accomplished he is  within the journalism, biology and photography field. As an adamant Ted Talk listener I admire what he has to say on many wildlife topics (some controversial) and how he contributed his findings to the world. He also interests me with his efforts towards ocean conservation and his beautiful photography in general. 

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Paul Nicklen should be considered eminent because he has changed the way people see wildlife photography and the National Geographic society, both literally and figuratively. His popularity and skill in the area of photography led him to achieve the role as a part of NatGeo and from there his efforts and contributions flourished. A big part of his advancement after NatGeo was based around SeaLegacy, his Ted Talks and climate change. 

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In my opinion Paul Nicklen exhibits the strengths of a gifted learner in the ways he is able to uniquely differentiate and attach meaning to different emotional connections with the topics he photographs and studies, especially in extreme conditions. Another trait is how he has many areas of interests he wants to study (journalism, editing, bio, photography, film, activism, conservation, etc) and holds himself to high expectations in  each. Both of these points I can heavily relate to because I share very similar interests and hobbies as Nicklen and expect myself to do well in each area. An example of this in TALONS is how we all strive to be our best and sometimes take on too many tasks at once. This is similar to me because I tend to have quite a bit on my plate but am always looking for other things to do to challenge myself, even though I might need to take a step back from commitments instead of adding more.  

As an activist, conservationist and overall  someone who cares greatly about the state of the planet,  Nicklen faces many challenges when trying to get his ideas across to the public when in the face of backlash and turmoil. Within himself, Nicklen faced issues with motivation and stability regarding his mental health on a career path and struggled to figure out where he wanted to go. Straying away from the topic of goals and more on similarities in overcoming difficulties, I can relate to Nicklen in how balancing mental health stability and educational / career responsibilities becomes stressful and burdenning. One of my biggest goals based on studying Paul Nicklen and his career is to take as many opportunities that are thrown at me and expose myself to as much engaging educational experiences as possible to keep myself happy and motivated in a particular field. 

Some barriers I might have when creating and performing a speech about Paul Nicklen is age and gender. However, neither of these things will be portrayed in an offensive or derogatory way to anyone. I plan to bring these up as little as possible in my speech itself because Nicklen’s age and gender did not have that much to do with the success of his career and I believe it will be quite the same in the case of my future too. 


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