Ted Talk 2019!


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Ted Talk – Light Pollution and Celestial Navigation ( How does light pollution affect our every day lives and how we view the universe?)

Ted Talk – Blooper Reel

Notes and Script


5 Ted Talks  (I watched for reference)

Ted Talk Science 2019 TALONS 9 – Michaela Da Silva

6 thoughts on “Ted Talk 2019!

  1. Hey Michaela,

    I love the video and the topic you picked! It is extremely important going forward and is something I have noticed a lot in my recent photography. I had no idea that this was so well studied. I really liked the way you explained the problems and how they will only get worse going forward. I had no idea it has negative effects on our world and I would have loved for you to expand more on some of your points relating to the negative effects. I wonder if light pollution will eventually reach every part of the globe.

    Thanks for sharing,
    Adam Crespi


  2. Looks great Michaela! I loved hor you formatted this TEDtalk, and all of your graphics and images were relevant and useful to understanding the issue you were talking about. One thing you could improve on next time is making your question a little more clear. To my understanding, you were only talking about how light pollution impacted celestial navigation, but you ended up talking about light pollution in general. Make sure that it is clear next time! Overall, looks very professional and it was a very informative talk.


  3. Hello Michaela!
    Your topic was very interesting! I am so happy I learned more about light pollution. I’m wondering what the other effects light pollution has on our body. You mentioned that it has effects, but didn’t go very in-depth into that.


  4. It was a great TED talk! It was a really interesting topic and I learned a lot from it. Just a quick question, how bad do you think light pollution is going to get in the future? Do you think it may soon encompass the globe?


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