In Depth 2019 – Final Post

I am extremely happy with how my learning and exploration of photography has expanded throughout this entire experience and I would do it over again in a heartbeat. My mentor was helpful, forgiving, knowledgable, caring and helpful when showing me the ropes and basics of learning to take photos like a professional. Of course learning such a large hobby needed to be toned down to some more graspable aspects, so each session we narrowed down separate concepts to focus on. The main ones include:

  1. Posing: positioning models (humans, animals, objects) in such a posture that produces flattering images with proper focal points
  2. Backgrounds and lighting: learning what backlight is and when to use it vs frontal lighting and the use of natural sunlight on different facial angles
  3. Portrait shooting: things to keep in mind for using models and taking people on shoots (finding locations, setting times with use of daylight, outfits, poses, action shots, etc)
  4. Editing: exploring software such as Adobe Photoshop and InDesign and the basics on how to manipulate and change images a certain way


TALONS Adopt A Trail group working on bettering the environment by maintaining the Scott Creek Trail by their school, Gleneagle.

So far the final artifact I have completed for my final project is completing my finalized personal photography website. This page highlights the main things I enjoyed about this project in different tabs in my gallery (equine, portraits, nature) and a few photos from each shooting location in each tab. I also have included a blog which I am regularly adding posts to, a “contact me” menu for shoot bookings (also an option on my Instagram page) and an about me. This website was very fun to make as I am also very heavily invested in digital and graphic design and enjoyed putting these skills to use.


How close can I get to a wild animal with a small 18-55 mm kit lense?

For my final learning centre I will be showcasing my website on my laptop in front of a poster with some highlighted concepts (such as the ones listed above in this post) of what I learned. So far the vision I have for this poster is writing boxes in the middle of a trip fold and some more images I have taken on either side. I will also have some landscape photos professionally printed on the table for people to take as they walk by. Additionally on my table I will be displaying the  book I wrote for ZIP 2019 about the Impact and Origin of Photography, also mentioned in my website:

Thank you to everyone who help[ed me along with this project!

Looking forward to In Depth Night!


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